Walthamstow MP CandidateWalthamstow Deserves BetterLet’s make Britain "Great" again!

Walthamstow MP Candidate

Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate for Walthamstow - Walthamstow Youngest Parliamentary Candidate

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Walthamstow Deserves Better

Together, Let’s make Britain "Great" again! 7th May – Walthamstow Vote Steven Cheung

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Let’s make Britain "Great" again!

The richest 1% is get richer and the poor get poorer We are the 99% - stand up and fight back our voice

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A message from Steven

Life is short, we don’t want to be constantly struggling for survival, worrying about bills and putting food on the table, we want to be thriving. Let’s emerge through these tough times, and rebuild a fairer and stronger Britain, my dream is to build a legacy that outlives all of us, for generations to come.

Nobody cares about us, only we can help ourselves

When the national lottery adverts offer you more hope than Labour and Tories, the future for our next generation is doomed. Labour and Tories politicians have no vision for Britain; offer no hope, no dreams, all empty promises, just an ordinary party machine. Let’s unlock the potential, be innovative, shake up the balance of power, the key to unlocking the potential is collaboration and interconnection led by the Liberal Democrats.

Saving a lost generation, fixing the broken Britain

Born in the last significant colony of the empire – British Hong Kong, and raised in a working class family here in London, I understand the struggles that each of you are having, more than any ambitious politician does. My mother is a cleaner and dinner lady and my father is a Dim sum chief, both of whom work at least 15 hours a day. I left my 9-to-5 jobs to work 16-hour days for nothing to stand this general election, because I believe in change, radical changes. Walthamstow can’t wait anymore, Britain can’t wait anymore. In this agile environment, we have to act quickly and make swift choices. Making a difference in my community is a source of my energy, once elected, I will transform Walthamstow into a start-ups hub, divert resources and focus away from Old Street, city and west end into otter London (such as Walthamstow), help underprivileged children in getting a life they deserve, set up vocational training program for school and college dropouts that prepare them for work, help unemployed people in a meaningful way and offer them the opportunity to get more involvement back in the society, etc. Getting Britain’s unemployed into work could unlock billion of value – and the solution could lie in encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the youth and unemployed. It is unacceptable that our high streets are being invaded by bookies, betting shops, pawnbrokers and payday lenders.

‘15 minutes away from the Global financial centre, it’s totally unacceptable that Walthamstow has one of the highest unemployment and youth unemployment rate in the United Kingdom.’

We are tired of the current political system, now is the time for people power. Let us be the shock waves that change the world, let’s be heard and not be treated as second class citizens. Without doubt, disruption by new entrants is accelerating innovation and change within the establishment. The opportunity for outer London, especially in Walthamstow is huge, let me unlock it and do what is right for our family, our community, our society and our great nations.
My political priorities are:

• Reduce Youth unemployment – raise aspiration, create jobs and opportunities to get people out of Labour’s benefit traps
• Protecting Vulnerable people – rebuilding communities, breaking down barriers, re-engage the disengaged
• Become a Trade ambassador for Walthamstow and UK plc, support our SME and highlight our competitive edge, bring inward investment from China, Russia and the Middle East
• Reduce betting shops and junk food stores
• Five Green Law –Britain’s next industrial revolution
• Give young people a vote – reduce the voting age to 16 and work with leading youth organisations such as British Youth council, British Youth Parliament, Young advisors… to give young people a permanent voice in politics

Let me help you to chase your dream and even more importantly giving you the tools and opportunities to execute that dream. Let me help you and your family to succeed for generations, let’s make sure people of Walthamstow can thrive for future generations! I am committed to helping you and your future generation succeed.

7th May 2015 – Let this day be our game changer. Together, let’s make Britain ‘Great’ again.
Let Walthamstow be a Game changer

Liberal Democrats Track Record in Government

  • £905

    Tax cut, including 12 million women
  • 2 million

  • £950

    11 million pensioners receiving more
  • 3.5M

    taken out of income tax altogether

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